Things you want: the Taito Bubble Bobble shirt

In my daily internet prowls, I regularly see things that would make any retro gamer weep with desire to own it (case in point: The Duke Togo sleep mask, which sold out almost instantly). This week’s things you want is dedicated solely to anyone who can hum the music from the first level of Bubble Bobble perfectly down to the shortest notes, because trust me, if you relate to that, you’re going to want this shirt.

On sale at Hobby Search for about $28, the shirt is 100% cotton and gives you a great way to show off your love for Bub and Bob. Be warned, this is a Japanese shirt, so sizing runs a tad smaller than usual — a small will fit a woman just fine, but you might want to order up a size if you’re unsure. Talk about cool though — this is the kind of shirt you tap a stranger on the shoulder for to ask where they got it!

Colette Bennett