Things the Wii nunchuk were not intended for: evil teddy bear minion

The description for this video is “BJ Bearytales + Arduino + Adafruit Motor Shield (which is fantastic, btw) + wiichuck = pure evil”, but you know, it really doesn’t need a description. This thing is downright piss-your-panties scary, and that’s coming from a girl who purposefully turns out all the lights before playing Silent Hill.
For instance, check out the chewing motion at 0:48. What in the mother of Christ is that? Flesh gnawing, fully manipulatable by Wiichuck? I’m imagining what a different E3 Nintendo press conference it could have been had this thing been the secret reveal, rather than Shaun White. It could have jumped on Cammy and chewed her other wrist off. If that wouldn’t have sent the otherwise jaded gaming press into a frenzy of ecstasy, I don’t know what would have.
[Via Bendering Time — Thanks, Adam]
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