They’re letting Jack Thompson on TV again: Halo 3 + churches + Thompson = ???

Here’s a curious one. Last week I posted (rather controversially) a story about church ministers using Halo to lure children like Gary Glitter into the waiting arms of Baby Jesus. I do believe it was asked by one of our readers exactly what game-obsessed Jack Thompson would make of such a situation — would this Christian man condemn these recruitment tactics, or would he spin it to somehow slam videogames while giving God a thumbs-up? Well, we’ll soon know.

The silver-haired stallion will be appearing on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet at 9AM on the Fox Network. He’s there to discuss the partnership between Halo 3 and God that some ministers have approved of. Knowing Jack, something completely off-the-wall will be said and I personally can’t wait to see how he twists this one to serve his own agenda. Say something crazy and laughable Jack, that’s why we keep you around.

Personally, I hope he threatens Microsoft again. The idea that he thinks he can cause any iota of fear in a corporation that could crush him is hilarious. One can only wait until he pushes Microsoft hard enough for it to push back. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must pop down to St. Paul’s for a round of Resistance.

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