They’re coming to get you, Barbara … next year: Left 4 Dead pushed to 2008

In what can only be described as a monumental (yet not unexpected) disappointment, Valve has told Eurogamer that the cooperative zombie hunting of Left 4 Dead is off of the plate for this year. Valve’s Chet Faliszek says that Xbox 360 and PC gamers’ brains are safe until early 2008, when the game should ship.

“Really,” Faliszek told Eurogamer, “we just want to make sure that when it’s released it’s great.”

Well that’s fantastic and all, but what I don’t think he realizes is that Left 4 Dead was to serve as a training tool for mankind. As we prepare for the inpending zombie apocalyplse scheduled to hit on February 12, 2008, the Turtle Rock developed title could have proved to be a valuable resource.

When you’re watching the undead devour a stray racoon on your lawn, picture Faliszek and curse his name. Because you’re next, and you’re going to be ill-prepared to defend yourself. Thanks, Valve.

[Thanks, TheGoldenDonut!]

Nick Chester