Thexder Neo heading to PS3 this 2010

Honda’s ASIMO can shake hands, serve drinks, recognize faces, and descend velvet stairways. Marvelous though his talents may be, the little white humanoid robot still can’t transform into a jet plane — a point that we think Honda needs to take to heart, and perhaps the reason why Thexder is coming to this generation.

Square Enix is indeed bringing Thexder Neo to the PS3. The studio confirmed as much via their official Facebook account, adding that this assumed re-make of the mid-80’s arcade classic, Thexder, is set to feature “PS3 graphics” and will debut in 2010 as a downloadable.

Will the fresh, clean, and redone Thexder robot be able to shake hands or walk down stairs? We’re not sure. But ED-209 — and to some extent, ASIMO — taught us that neither of those things are necessary when it comes to gauging total “robotic badassery.” Seriously.

Square Enix DLG’s Photos [Facebook, via Gamer Bytes] [Image cred]

Brad BradNicholson