TheSpeedGamers are at it again with Mario this time

Of all the groups that have done marathons of games TheSpeedGamers are probably the most prolific. With over $150,000 already raised for charity they are at it once again. This time they’re spending all week playing Mario games, which, by the way, is the greatest way ever to spend an entire week.

They started this past Friday and will be playing until the 18th. You can, of course, donate at any time and all the donations will be going to ACT Today. ACT Today does work to help support families with children that have Autism. That’s a good thing to give to in case you were wondering. I know you have to clear your conscious somehow after the incident with the hooker last night. Yes, I know about that, and I’m telling if you don’t donate.

As another way of giving — if you simply must get something out of it — Fangamer is offering up the badass shirts you see above. 100 percent of the profits from the sale of those shirts will also go to ACT Today.


Matthew Razak