These Valhalla Knights 2 videos are just … no

I’ve never played Valhalla Knights, and if these videos for the sequel are indicative of the series, I think it’s very understandable. Why was the above video even released for public consumption? It’s one of the most depressing examples of gameplay I’ve ever seen.

The above footage showcases Valhalla Knights 2‘s co-op and aside from looking buggy as Hell (got to love the guy who’s just gliding around on the screen) it is one of the most drab and boring videos I’ve seen in a while. PR footage is usually intended to make a game look exciting and sometimes far better than the actual truth — if this is the best that XSEED can drag up for VK2‘s multiplayer, then I dread to think what it’s like to actually play. 

The versus mode is no better, and you can watch evidence of that after the jump. VK2 promises six-a-side versus battles, but if they all look like this, then no thanks. I can think of better things to do with my PSP. 

Oh and before you ask — you can have your wasted minutes back just as soon as I get mine.

James Stephanie Sterling