These Switch Joy-Con colors might be going away

Pour one out

As Nintendo continues to deal with supply chain woes, the future of certain pieces of hardware is uncertain. That could include specific Joy-Con colors.

Look, there’s a ton of Joy-Con colors at the moment. Maybe too many? I’m sure there’s one person on Earth that owns all of them and will probably be on a “Toys that Made Us” type documentary one day for the Switch. So maybe there’s just enough: who am I to judge?

Anyway, the below three colors might be taking a break or could  be down for the count, if the Japanese Nintendo accessories page is anything to go by. As translated by Japanese Nintendo, the phrase “生産終了” is listed by the aforementioned color combinations, which roughly translates to “end of production.” As Japanese Nintendo points out they are still available on the Nintendo of Japan Store, but once that stock runs out, they could be sold out forever.

This is just a heads up in case you are that one person who wants to catch ’em all! We’ve reached out to Nintendo for clarification.

Accessories [Nintendo via Japanese Nintendo]

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