These Splatoon 3 items are a cute Back to the Future reference

Splatoon 3 items

Salmon Run Rewards

Splatoon 3 items themed like Back to the Future? Right on!

As some folks are pointing out: the cheeky team at Nintendo managed to put in a few clear references via Salmon Run items. The first includes Doc Brown’s futuristic metal sunglasses from Back to the Future 2, titled the “Lo-Vis Visor.” Next up we have Marty McFly’s future hat (also from Back to the Future 2), called the “Bream-Brim Cap.” Another spotted reference includes the “Brain Strainer” in-game item, which is likely a reference to Ghostbuster’s 2 Keymaster Helmet.

Funnily enough, Back to the Future 2 takes place in the glorious year of 2015: when everything was supposed to be future-ized. While the full Splatoon timeline isn’t clear, it does play around with the idea of the fate of the future.

Back to the Future Splatoon 3 items:

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