These Silent Hill resin statues are pretty and pricey

The creatures in the Silent Hill series seem perfectly suited to being represented in sculpture. So why is it that it has taken so long for someone to produce and market such a thing? 

No, better not to question it. As our sister blog Tomopop reports, Trims Japan has stepped up to the plate and is producing two solid resin statues of Valtiel (above) and Pyramid Head. They look like gorgeous pieces but beauty comes at a significant cost, with Valtiel running ¥27,000 and Pyramid Head going for ¥29,000.

Yikes. That’s a bit out of my price range. And, to be perfectly frank, I’m not too terribly thrilled by the Pyramid Head statue. There’s some cool detail in its sculpt but a lot of it looks more muddled than I would like.

Valtiel and Pyramid Head resin figures can now be yours [Tomopop]

Conrad Zimmerman