These official chocolate Joy-Con should definitely be real

chocolate Joy-Con

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re celebrating with someone or rocking it alone, I hope you have a good one. Maybe this chocolate Joy-Con will put a smile on your face (I’m helping!).

Today, via a tweet, Nintendo teased break apart Kit-Kat-like chocolate Joy-Con. The catch? They’re not real. Nintendo UK introduced them with the tagline “Happy Valentine’s Day! Who would you share one of these with? Tag your player 2 and let them know.” They look good!

Then they let us down easy: “*Please note that this is a fictional product and is not available for sale.”

That’s bad!

Nintendo is a very curious company when it comes to monetizing certain aspects of their company. In some ways, they flood the market with merch for specific lines, offering up the license to pretty much anyone who asks. There are endless products based on Mario, to the point where entire portions of GameStops are overflowing with Mario merch.

In a lot of other ways, they completely ignore so many other facets of their business. When’s the last time you’ve seen any sort of merch for most of their lines? The indie artist community has filled in the gaps for a lot of that stuff, but Nintendo is leaving money on the table.

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