These new Monster Hunter movie trailers are a little more convincing

Less Hoo-Rah, More Tony Jaa

Sony International has released new Chinese and Japanese trailers for its upcoming Monster Hunter movie adaptation. The 90-second, fast-paced previews give fans a new look at some of the characters, locations, and beasties that will feature in Paul W.S. Anderson’s fantasy epic.

Alongside multiple shots of protagonist Cpt. Artemis (Milla Jovovich) in action, we get our first footage of Tony Jaa’s hardened hunter as he stalks an unseen prey and cooks up a meaty feast. Also featured in the trailers is Ron Perlman’s seafaring Admiral, another one of the mysterious allies who will help Artemis as she picks her way through the vast and hazardous new dimension. There’s even a Palico! At last!

Tentatively scheduled for launch in theaters this winter, producers have openly stated that they hope Monster Hunter will kick off a long-term film franchise. To be fair, these two trailers seem much better suited to Capcom’s franchise – both in look and tone – than the initial teaser shown back in October. Time will tell if the final release will win over Monster Hunter’s devoted fanbase.

Monster Hunter Japanese and Chinese movie trailers [Famitsu / GamesRadar]

Chris Moyse
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