These new Final Fantasy XV screens show it’s all about brodowns and throwdowns

And a good-lookin’ kabob

With little more than three months left before Final Fantasy XV releases, we’ve come to know what we should expect from it. Or, at least in the early-going. Things could (and very well might!) drastically change, but that starting stuff is all about bro-ing down in the best possible way.

Jordan recently had a chance to go hands-on with Final Fantasy XV, and he explains how he felt about Noctis’ video game roadtrip. Basically, these 23 new screenshots paint the same picture. Good times with good friends and also the sensible slaughter of some aggressive rhinos. And a tasty kabob for good measure!

If pictures are worth a thousand words, these are collectively worth 23,000 words and Jordan didn’t write a novella about Final Fantasy XV. Also, you don’t have to strain yourself with “reading” and “comprehending.” Easy screenshot post: 1, Jordan’s opinions: 0.

「FINAL FANTASY XV」のゲームサイクルやさまざまな戦闘システムを紹介するスクリーンショットが公開に [4Gamer via NeoGAF]

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