These guys turned a PS3 into a skateboard

Like… totally radical? Tubular? Gnarly? Something like that.

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I used to have a Sonic the Hedgehog skateboard. My dad modified it to let me turn it into a scooter whenever I wanted, and it was the coolest thing in the history of forever… until I tried to do an ollie.

I, in all my nine-year-old stupidity, didn’t understand I had to actually jump to do the trick. Instead, I stamped on the front of the board with all my weight and expected to be catapulted into the air, pulling off a “wicked sick” ollie to be remembered through the ages.

Instead, the skateboard just snapped in half and somehow launched splinters right into my buttcheeks. I vowed to never take up the board ever again, and this, to this day, is biggest loss skateboarding has ever faced.

Anyway, check out this PS3 skateboard made by pro-skater Aaron Kyro of Braille Skateboarding. This is an actual Sony PlayStation 3 slim with wheels screwed onto it.

It’s not the most elegant skateboard, but they do manage to pull off some tricks with it. I’m honestly shocked it even supported a load of fully-grown adults’ weight for as long as it did. The PS3 was tough as nails, apparently.

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