These five new Metal Gear Solid 4 ads make no sense

I don’t get it. Well, I kind of get it. These ads are trying to be some kind of weird, artistic, over-the-top visions to get people’s attention. Kind of like those retarded PlayStation 3 ads with demon babies and other weird sh*t inside that white room. We at least knew those ads were for the PlayStation 3 by the end of the commercial.

In the case of these five new international ads for Metal Gear Solid 4, you’d have no idea they were for the game unless someone told you. In fact, you wouldn’t know what the hell these ads were for had I not just told you. For all we could have known, this first ad might have been for a new live-action tentacle rape porno. Which wouldn’t have been a bad thing. That makes much more sense actually.

I leave better artistic pieces in the toilet. Four more “WTF” ads after the jump.

In this ad, we see one guy shoot multiple replicas of himself with the tag line “Never a shot in the Dark”. Oh yeah, you’re such a badass mister bald man. You’re so hardcore shooting yourself over and over. I bet the chicks love that dark emo shit.

From an intellectual stand point, this ad really means the bald guy is pregnant with a lobster.

Now this ad has the closest relationship to MGS 4 as I can see. The game deals with Nanotechnology and the robots look like Nanobots in this ad. Plus they seem to move like the walking tanks from the game.

Still, not knowing this was based on MGS 4, I could have easily assumed it was a ad for a new brand of robot scented deodorants.

The menu screen of Metal Gear Solid 4 has a mantis on it. There’s a mantis in this ad. Add the two together and you get a Double Bacon Western Cheeseburger from Carl’s Jr.

Now this ad is just racist. And sexy.  

Granted, all of the ads are cut off so there could be some kind of Konami/MGS 4 logo at the very end of these ads for all we know. But we don’t know. All we know is that some guy got paid an absurd amount of money to make these ads while tripping out on acid and smashed up fluorescent tubes. I’m assuming that last part, as it’s the only logical explanation I could come up with. 

As if this game needed any more hype or attention. 

Hamza Aziz