These Demon’s Souls screenshots won’t tide us over, but they’re something at least

I can’t wait to stay up way too late with this game

We’re no closer to finding out the release date for Demon’s Souls today, but vigilant fans have flushed out something else worth sharing: a pair of new screenshots for Bluepoint’s PlayStation 5 remake.

One image shows an alternate angle for the Vanguard boss, whose appearance was overhauled for PS5, and the other is a moody environmental shot to help sell the foreboding scale of Boletaria. The screens were spotted on Amazon Australia along with a generic bulleted summary, but the listing was pulled.

There’s also some gnarly placeholder box art to check out. I hope the final version – maybe a special limited edition, or even a simple flip cover – can echo the original PlayStation 3 art for Demon’s Souls.

On the other hand, I kinda love the idea of the Fat Official making the box. Show some dang respect!

[Via ResetEra]

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