These custom gamer skirts make me mad I’m not a woman

Have you ever gone into a Target or a Spencer Gifts, seen those gamer-themed boxers, and wondered (A) why such high fashion has to be concealed by pants and (B) why girls don’t receive similar treatment? Maybe you haven’t, but I have! So has fashion designer Ashley Mertz, who operates the Etsy store GoChaseRabbits where you’ll find any number of geek chic skirts and dresses.

Her designs source all forms of nerd media, from books to comics to movies. On the game side, she sells a variety of classy numbers, like the “Mario Two Levels” skirt which features Super Mario Bros. 3‘s Desert Land on one side and Giant Land on the other. There’s also a tasteful “Retro Game Legend” skirt that sports the cartridge art for both NES Zelda titles. And plenty more, as you can see in the gallery.

Since these are handmade, they are only available in super limited quantities at any given time at prices ranging between $25 and $65. You are free, of course, to make special custom requests. You can bet that if I had two X chromosomes, I’d be all on this like white on rice!

Be sure to check out Ashley’s Facebook page, where you’ll find several of her older designs.

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