These badasses have completed Dark Souls III in less than 90 mins

I don’t know whether or praise or pity them

Dark Souls III might not even be out yet, but that’s not stopping people ripping through the game at bollock-shattering speed. 

Japanese YouTuber muzi_nasu has zipped through in just 1:23:18 (or 1:29:10 if you account for loading times), whereas Twitcher Distortion2 has completed the game in 1:27:45 (or 1:34:05 if you once again include loading). 

That might seem worse than the first guy, but Distortion also killed every single optional boss, too. That’s right. It took him an extra 4 minutes and 27 seconds to kill those five bosses.

What a badass. 

Dark Souls III releases on April 12, 2016.

In our Dark Souls III review, we gave the game a 8.5, stating: “If Dark Souls III truly is the last game for now, it makes perfect sense, since it’s just as much of a love letter to fans as it is a culmination of the series.”

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