These are the voyages of the rockers The Ready Room: Star Trek meets Rock Band

I am an irredeemable nerd; I have been since the ill-fated day my mad scientist father combined his own DNA with that of a Quail, resulting in the bastard creation you see before you. My epic nerdery manifests itself in many ways: one being the doling out of unsolicited opinions in regard to videogames, another being a neurotic infatuation with all things Star Trek.  Combine the two and suddenly you’ll find me amidst the clutter of a toppled desk, my nerdrection being too much for the flimsy legs of aforementioned desk to contend with.

Some sad bastard total genius has done what I wish I’d thought of first, and created a roster of Rock Band characters resembling some of the crew from the U.S.S. Enterprise.  While a fantastic idea and beautifully executed, I have only one complaint: where the hell is Data?

[Via Kotaku

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