These are the parkour playgrounds you’ll traverse in Dying Light: The Following

And race tracks for your buggy, too!

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There’s little more than a week until Dying Light: The Following releases and we can all start drop-kicking the undead off of buildings again. Adding to an already steady flow of pre-release footage, Techland is showing off the new locations that players will be jumping and driving through in this Exploration video.

There’s a granary that’s supposedly a “parkour paradise,” an old graveyard with a spooky new night monster, and a race track, to name a few of the new areas. Since traversal was the highlight in the original Dying Light, I’m eager to see if the driving quickly wears thin or if it’s satisfying in its own right. I’ll know soon when I review it, and I’ll tell you about all of the weird thoughts in my head, such as “How many attempts at drop-kicking would it take for me to break my hip?”

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