These are the new PvP arenas for Dark Souls III

The Ringed City is just a couple weeks away

Even if you aren’t keen on the idea of more player-versus-player arenas in Dark Souls III, let this pair of videos serve as a reminder that, oh yeah, the second and final DLC for the game isn’t far off.

The Ringed City is out on March 28, and there will soon be two new dedicated PvP arenas in Undead Match. There’s Dragon Ruins, which draws from the main game’s Archdragon Peak, and also Grand Roof, which should look awfully familiar if you’ve made the trek to the top of Lothric Castle before.

Per Bandai Namco, “All arenas are accessible as long as you have access to [Undead Match], either through Ashes of Ariandel or The Ringed City.” I’ll probably just stick to the story content.

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