There’s some messed-up stuff in this Let it Die teaser

It’s not just Mad Max murder men!

Grasshopper Manufacture has shared one final tease for its PlayStation 4 survival-action game Let it Die ahead of the PAX East showing this weekend. The trailer lacks gameplay (you can get a real basic sense of that in the recent screenshots), but it does convey an intriguing tone.

Who is that sunglasses-wearing reaper, what does he want, and why does he have a skateboard? Those might be questions better left unanswered.

That bloated, disfigured quadruped creature shown at the end makes me want to break out Gyo for a quick trip down nightmare lane. I hope the game truly capitalizes on the creepy and the bizarre like this trailer indicates, and that it isn’t brought down by its free-to-play trappings.

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