There’s going to be free Trover Saves the Universe DLC, and the first content drop is pretty decent

‘Important Cosmic Jobs’

Even though it’s not a fully VR game per se, Trover Saves the Universe kind of flew under the radar when it was released earlier this year. Naturally Rick & Morty fans gravitated toward it, because it could easily exist as a spinoff in that same universe, but I think the VR stigma turned a lot of people off.

Well the good news is it’s worth playing even in its base form, and there’s free DLC coming. The first content drop is more Trover (in a good way), and as creator Justin Roiland himself puts it in-game: “we promised the DLC stuff…here it is.”

Important Cosmic Jobs (ICJ) plops you in a non-combat oriented locale and tasks you with finding collectibles, without some sort of major overarching story reason for it. You get some more insight into Trover’s awful life, and get to explore the main mission control area from the campaign instead of looking at it during briefings. Thankfully you don’t need a completed save file to access it (even if the game recommends that you finish the story first): so years down the line when you want to replay it or if your progress is lost, you can get in right away.

Given the laid back vibe of the DLC, Trover’s swordsmanship isn’t the focus. Rather, the Chairorpian’s pixel-hunting pointer skills are at the forefront, alongside of the typically absurd dialogue and vocal performances from creator Roiland and crew. Self-depreciation and meta-commentary (including a jab at the “lazy developers” sentiment) are alive and well. “I really wish this game came out before the internet, so people could watch these [extras]  by themselves instead of online” is something I’ve thought about regularly since the rise of YouTube and the secret God of War phone numbers

The whole vibe reminds me of those old ’90s adventure games that didn’t really focus on a story, instead offering up a joke delivery system. Depending on how timely your puzzle solving skills are, it should take you a little over an hour, with extras. It also even if you’re satisfied at the end, and if you say “no,” Trover throws a fit and quits back to the main menu.

Important Cosmic Jobs is being referred to as the “first” DLC for Trover Saves the Universe and I hope there’s more. It’s just the sort of quick gaiden thing that’s well suited for free DLC on the side, and wouldn’t quite gel with the pacing of the campaign.

[This assessment is based on a retail build of the game, provided by the publisher.]

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