There’s going to be a RuneScape idle game

From the AdVenture Capitalist devs

As far as incremental games go, AdVenture Capitalist was one of the most effective at reeling me in and holding tight. We had such a lovely capture bond for a while there. The team behind that title, Hyper Hippo, is continuing its work in the genre with an upcoming PC and mobile game based on RuneScape of all things. (I suppose if Katamari is up for the treatment, anyone is.)

For those of you who can still remember the lingo: “In RuneScape: Idle Adventures, you’re the wielder of an Elder Artefact known as the Needle. It’s your job to nurture and protect Gielinor, doing whatever it takes — from fishing trout to grappling with the gods — to help those who call it home. While Idle Adventures‘ story is separate from the World Guardian’s, you may recognise familiar locations and situations — all wrapped up in a breezy narrative style.”

Idle Adventures is hitting Steam first, sometime this spring, with iOS and Android releases to follow.

RuneScape: Idle Adventures | Coming Spring 2016 [RuneScape]

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