There’s going to be a new Robot Master Field Guide with Mega Man 11 characters included

This is such a fun little book

Mega Man is back, baby.

Not only did we get a brand new Mega Man game with 11 that didn’t have the phrases “remake, remaster, re-release, or compilation” in the title, but we also got promises that the franchise would blossom for years to come. While the next iteration will likely be Mega Man 12, Capcom also teased possible new entries for the Mega Man X and .EXE series. Even Zero/ZX is getting resurrected early next year in anthology form.

And with new Mega Man games comes new merch. A listing for a new version of the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide published by Udon has popped up on Amazon; which will update the old edition with new facts and Robot Master listings from 11. It also doubles as a strategy guide of sorts, and is set for a far-out March 24, 2020 due date.

Robot Master Field Guide [Amazon via Rockman Corner]

[Disclaimer: One of the authors of this book is David Oxford, who I’ve worked with at Nintendo Force. As always, no relationships were factored into this post. I actually bought the original book before I knew who David was!]

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