There’s going to be a movie based on cat collectathon Neko Atsume

And it’s live-action!

AMG Entertainment is adapting the popular and oh-so-cute cat-collecting mobile game Neko Atsume into a live-action film set to debut next year in Japan, reports Siliconera.

While a movie about cats doesn’t need to justify itself in this day and age, I am partial to the premise, which sees best-selling author Katsu Sakumoto falling victim to writer’s block and moving to calmer surroundings. There, he comes across an uninterested cat, who he leaves food out for overnight.

Will they become best buds forever? Will Katsu go broke tracking down the perfect trinkets to draw in more and more feline friends? Will they wear lil outfits? I need answers!

Neko Atsume [Official site via Siliconera]

Jordan Devore
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