There’s going to be a massive amiibo restock soon

Best Buy is taking pre-orders now

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Excluding new in box collections, a lot of amiibo are still pretty rare. Lucina is very high up on that list, but you can actually grab her from Best Buy now as part of a massive restock initiative. I don’t want to tell you to “act fast” as I’m not quite sure how large of a shipment they’re getting (and, alternatively, how low the demand is now, which is pretty low), but she’s there if you need her, and she’ll ship out on October 14.

The same goes for Mega Man, Pit, Samus (yes, this Wave 1 figure is hard to come by), and Sonic on the same date at Best Buy. Rosalina will get a restock too on November 4. Hopefully Robin follows suit, along with other retailers.

Lucina [Best Buy via Nintendo Everything]

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