There’s another retro-themed Metroidvania on the way that focuses on ‘cosmic horror’

Lore Finder confirmed for PC, PS4, Switch

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Although it wasn’t on everyone’s radar, Lore Finder was funded on Kickstarter last year with the intention to release on PC. As of this week, announced at Bitsummit, it has expanded operations to the PS4 and Switch platforms, and picked up a publisher in Dangen Entertainment.

The developers (Kitsune Games) describe it best: “Become K.C. Morgan, paranormal investigator, and search a New England mansion for your missing father. Battle the forces of corruption infesting the mansion armed only with your wits and an old .38 revolver, and gather scrolls of forbidden lore. But the more you discover, the more warped and twisted the world – and you – become.”

With quality behind it, it probably would have found some legs on PC, but the Switch and PS4 (which already host myriad Metroidvanias for an insatiable audience) are no-brainers.

Lore Finder [Steam]

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