There’s already a Bowsette amiibo

Pandora’s box is open

You’ve no doubt seen the fan art by now. What started as an official new Nintendo character named Peachette has since become a free-for-all of funny, original, weird, and yes sultry fan characters. Bowsette has really caught on, but the internet is running wild with the far-reaching idea that a crown power-up can reimagine familiar Nintendo foes. Our favorite might just be Princess Chain Chomp.

I should’ve expected that custom amiibo makers would also be on the case. Here’s just one example. The Bowsette amiibo design comes from GandaKris and the artwork was done by Kuroko_14.

Better yet, there’s a tutorial! I have a feeling a lot of Peach amiibo are about to get a makeover.

Based on the wide array of fan art for Bowsette and other characters, I hope we see even more creations while everyone’s all fired up. Here’s another amiibo design from reddit user TrevNick.

Bowsette from r/amiibo

I’ve seen some cynicism over Bowsette and co., but frankly, it’s all in good fun. It’s genuinely cool to me to see so many artists from all manner of backgrounds rally around a common prompt.

GandaKris [Twitter]
TrevNick [reddit]

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