There’s a whole host of new NX rumours floating around

From a leaker with history of truthful leaks

While any rumours before an official announcement should be taken with a major grain of salt, a new batch of Nintendo NX hardware rumours are doing the rounds from a source who has leaked correct information in the past.

Geno, who has previously leaked new Pokémon forms and Microsoft’s Illumiroom project, spoke to Dual Pixels and dropped a large amount of supposed hardware information about Nintendo’s upcoming hardware.

While this could all be a bunch of rubbish, the info is all included below. For what it’s worth, much of this info does line up with information I have heard from a separate source.

  • The NX has a wireless HDMI dongle that attaches flush to the back of the device.
  • You can pull it out and insert it into any display with a normal sized HDMI output.
  • NX uses an evolved version of the Wii U’s streaming tech to display in HD on the TV screen.
  • Analog controls for movement have small motors in them for full haptic feedback. If you control a character and hit a wall, the sticks move away from the wall to simulate hitting it.
  • Bluetooth synch with tons of devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • You can answer phone calls and display text messages from your phone onto NX screen(s).
  • Closest in terms of hardware spec to the Xbox One.
  • All tech uses the exact same hardware layout as the PS4 and Xbox One.
  • Any game that can run on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can easily run on the NX with near-zero modifications.
  • This is even more true if the game runs on Android OS or Unreal Engine 4.
  • One 3rd Party dev says “It’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works.”
  • Look to Pokémon Go to get an idea of the type of social features that will be in NX.
  • Strengths of the device are its usability and ease of use.
  • Operating system, named NintendOS, is very powerful and has so many modern features of mobile operating systems.
  • Nintendo is trying to be very careful in showing it off for fear that it would be mistaken as running Android.
  • Very strong networking functions, as it ties into multiple devices and services.
  • This allows for a very competent and pervasive eco-system designed to constantly involve the consumer’s life.

While this information is all unofficial and unconfirmed, it would line up with a lot of the industry rumblings about the NX.

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