There’s a Switch eShop game that’s currently on sale for one cent, or free with any gold coins

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It’s becoming harder and harder to stick out on the Switch eShop.

As we’ve seen in the last year or so, it was the mission of the top dogs at Nintendo to get roughly 30 or more eShop games listed each week, and they’ve been following through on that promise and then some. Just this past month it wasn’t uncommon to see 40+ game weeks: leading to tougher competition among indies who need to stand out among a crowded marketplace.

As a result, so many studios have turned to deep discounts, typically for under a dollar. But this recent strategy for developer SimFabric is a bit more extreme, deeply slashing their game Preventive Strike (a very short average helicopter-based shmup) to one cent, down from $1.99. Yep, you can go grab the game at the link below for one cent (US), or for one measly gold coin if you have any spare currency.

While My Nintendo has been slow to adopt anything Switch related for the service, gold coins (Nintendo’s baked-in reward system) have been a Godsend for sale games, substituting as cold hard cash for a lot of “maybe” full purchases or DLC. This is one of those times!

Preventive Strike [eShop] Thanks Jeff!

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