There’s a Super Mario Maker level called ‘My Body is Ready’

Nintendo knows

My morning was made thanks to Super Mario Maker. Specifically, a nod to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé. Browsing online through a list of user-made levels, I discovered one curiously titled “My Body is Ready.” As if I’d ever choose anything else.

The whole course was centered on turning Mario into an 8-bit Wii Fit Trainer (which will sadly require the amiibo in the full version) using question-mark mushrooms. It was cute, though. Hope the level is still around come launch on September 11, 2015. If not, we can fix that.

As much as it feels like the game is taking forever, it’s all the better for it. This year’s showing, especially compared to what we saw during last E3, is fantastic. It’s full of little details and care. I’ve been underestimating how important Super Mario Maker is going to be. That is to say “very.”


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