There’s a Nintendo Direct level in Super Mario Maker 2 now, as the wait continues

The drought continues

The wait for a traditional Nintendo Direct continues. So we recently got an Animal Crossing-themed one, but other than that, we’ve been waiting since early September. One Mario Maker 2 creator decided to take matters into their own hands.

Spotted by YouTuber BeardBear, the stage is titled “Nintendo Direct: The Level,” and takes players through an automatic cruise of sorts that serves as a series of text announcements. We begin with an intro from current Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser (an actual Bowser), going straight into a “2029 Breath of the Wild 2” announcement.

The “one more thing” is “Super Mario Galaxy 3 this fall” with a slow reveal with teases like the appearance of Rosalina and the tagline “out of this world.” It’s short, but cute! This is the sort of positive reaction to a lack of a Nintendo Direct that you’d hope for.  If you want to play it the actual stage was created by ReallyJosh, and the level ID is: 35C-B74-20H.

Chris Carter
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