There’s a new Nintendo Direct this week for Monster Hunter

October 27

Nintendo is pretty much all in for Monster Hunter. “Ninten’ now does what Sony don’t,” and doubled down on the franchise in the past five years or so, helping to produce console and portable iterations as well as a healthy partnership with amiibo figures.

Expect to hear about all of that and more on October 27, as Nintendo has just announced a special Monster Hunter direct for that date in Japan. Let’s recap everything in the world of MonHun. Set for Japan right now, Stories came to the 3DS (with six amiibo figures) in October, and Monster Hunter Frontier Z (a Monster Hunter Frontier update) will be released in November. The new Monster Hunter Stories anime also debuted in Japan this month, and a Hollywood film adaptation is in the works.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse for Capcom with this series at the moment. Now they just need a core PS4 game so they can capitalize on that massive installbase.

Monster Hunter Direct [Nintendo]

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