There’s a new Friday the 13th game and it releases in just a few months

From the makers of Slayaway Camp

Movie production label New Line Cinema is evidently DTL (Down to License). It hasn’t been long since the multiplayer-centric realistic Friday the 13th released, and we’re already going to get another Jason Voorhees-based game. This one has no interest in evoking actual frights, though.

The makers of Slayaway Camp, Blue Wizard Digital, have an officially licensed game called Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle set for an April 13 global release on PC, iOS, and Android. It’s actually already available on iOS in the United States, as it recently soft-launched here.

Functionally, it doesn’t seem too different from Slayaway Camp. It’s the same sort of sliding block puzzle game that Slayaway Camp competently adapted to a horror film theme. However, where that game had to slyly make knowing references to several horror properties, Killer Puzzle gets the legitimacy of really including Jason.

Still, this is steeped in the same cartoonish innocence that helped make Slayaway Camp such a pleasure. Killer Puzzle drops the blocky aesthetic and seems to aim for more authentic character models while still eschewing any sort of photo-realism.

However, the most promising thing about Killer Puzzle is that Blue Wizard Digital has already proven that it can make this game. This will probably turn out to be a nice little piece of fan service that horror lovers and puzzle enthusiasts can enjoy in equal measure. Except this time it’s Jason instead of Skullface.

There’s an official Friday the 13th game coming from the makers of Slayaway Camp [Eurogamer]

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