There’s a Metroid Prime demake in the works, and it has a demo

Nintendo, do something with this series besides delay it

Metroid Prime is a classic. I don’t think that’s up for debate. It just is.

Nintendo thinks so! Which is why they released it again years later in trilogy form on the Wii after its GameCube debut in 2002. But ever since that 2009 Wii edition, the series has remained dormant. I mean, there’s allegedly another one in the works! But that could be years away at this point. Enter the fandom.

There’s still a huge collective rallying around the Metroid franchise at large, as well as the Prime series. One of those groups managed to craft a demake of Metroid Prime, which is now available in demo form. Said demo entails the Tallon Overworld, Artifact Temple, and the Chozo Ruins, but the team “needs to spend more time” working on it to expand upon that setup.

The demo itself is the result of five years of work from “Team SCU.” Presumably to avoid legal issues, the team is calling this project “Prime 2D,” though I’m not sure that will be sufficient if Nintendo really wants to nail this.

Since I’m inevitably going to get the “thanks Destructoid, you personally emailed Nintendo to get this shut down!” messages, I’ll note here that the project creators put up a public post for the demo, and “Let’s Plays” are already on YouTube (like the one below), one of the world’s largest video platforms, for public viewing. The “secret” is out!

Metroid Prime 2D Demake [Metroid Database via Nintendo Life]

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