There’s a Mega Man Battle Network fan project coming, and it has online multiplayer


Work on the fan game Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X has steadily progressed over the years, and the team is now hosting their fifth demo iteration on March 18. It doesn’t just sport a ton of new content — the big addition is online multiplayer.

Yes, there’s going to be a fully-fledged Mega Man Battle Network build with multiplayer fairly soon. The team explains that they “toiled away, [and] rewrote the entire game quite a few times” to get to this point. This PVP element is called “NetBattling, but Chrono X will also have a story mode to boot.

Incredibly, a PC and Android version are planned (Android is coming later), and it will feature cross-play, in-app, without the need for a third-party tool that’s typically required of smaller productions. If this all goes according to plan, that’s an amazing feat! With Mega Man making a comeback (provided that 11 doesn’t tank) I think we all could go for another Battle Network.

RockFlor [YouTube via Rockman Corner]

Chris Carter
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