There’s a Gravity Rush 2 demo up now on the Japanese PSN

But you need PS+ or a PS+ trial to play it

Gravity Rush 2, the sequel to one of the best games ever, is nearly here. Well, it’s still over two months away, but that’s close enough for me to get even more excited about it.

Just yesterday a demo appeared on the Japanese PSN, so you can finally get your hands on it if you’ve missed the multitude of public tradeshows it’s been at this year. There’s a catch though — you need PS+ to access it.

So! You can either download it on your jacked-up Japanese account you probably have because you’re really into J-games, or you can use a trial PS+ account. There’s a great walkthrough here if you need help, and as Push Square points out, you can attempt to save a file to the cloud, get the prompt for a trial, and sign up for it.

It’s a short demo, so if you’d rather just wait and watch it you can view it below, compliments of the channel XCV. It looks pretty amazing, and I’m glad to see this series getting more traction now that it’s on a device Sony will actually support.

Chris Carter
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