There’s a free PS4 theme for the 10th anniversary of PlayStation Plus

Filled with doodles of Bloodborne, BioShock, Nioh, and more

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Sony is handing out a free static PS4 theme in honor of PlayStation Plus turning ten years old.

Is yellow your favorite color (or at least a top-three contender)? Do you have an affinity for games like BioShock, Destiny, The Last of Us, Bloodborne, and Nioh? You might dig the doodle-based design.

The “10” in the top-right corner is straight out of Sega’s playbook. I can’t unsee it.

PlayStation Plus 10th Anniversary themeHere’s what I’ve been playing in between Last of Us Part II sessions. The sequel is Long.

It’s tough for this one to stand out when we’ve had so many killer free themes lately (Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s Tifa theme immediately comes to mind), but if you want a change of scenery, download away.

PlayStation Plus 10th Anniversary Theme [PlayStation Store]

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