There’s a bunch of Xbox and PlayStation bundle deals pre-Black Friday

For those who can’t wait

We are nearing the middle of October but for those of you who absolutely can’t wait until the holiday season to pick up an eighth-gen console, you’re in luck. Retailers want to move inventory as fast as possible vs. being forced to bundle away the rest of the store during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

With some big titles appearing before the holidays such as Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, retailers such as GameStop and Best Buy are expecting gamers on the sideline to make the jump. For example, at GameStop this week any purchase of an Xbox One S or non-S bundle (even the upcoming Battlefield 1 bundle) will receive a free physical copy of Fallout 4

For the PlayStation 4, while only five bundle deals are available compared to the Xbox’s thirteen, you can still pick up the latest PlayStation 4 Slim with either a free copy of Grand Theft Auto V or Overwatch and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Personally we’ll go with the latter bundle for $309.99 which seems like the best value as of writing.

PlayStation 4 Slim Bundles

PlayStation 4 Deals

Xbox One S Bundles

For Gamestop deals, add Fallout 4 to cart separately. Free in checkout.

Xbox One Bundles

Note, like above, add Fallout 4 to cart separately. Free in checkout.

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