There’s a brand new Pip-Boy Bluetooth Edition with only 5,000 units worldwide


Given how fast the initial batch of Fallout 4 Pip-Boys sold out, I don’t think Bethesda will have any problem pushing these. In a surprise drop of info after the E3 conference, they’ve revealed a new “Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition,” which is going for a whopping $350. I’ll let Bethesda explain: “[This is] not a phone case – [it has an] integrated screen and on-board Pip-OS software.”

It’s expected to ship in November 2016, and is a collaboration with ThinkGeek. There’s a limit of two per costumer, and it’s only available in the US, Canada, and Australia. Here’s a link to the official store, and here’s a GameStop listing.

I uh…I’m good, Bethesda. This is just too much.

Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition [Bethesda Store]

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