There will be no Bat-Vehicles in Batman: Arkham City

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Just because Rocksteady is taking the Bat off tiny Arkham Island and into the big city doesn’t mean that he’ll be taking all of his signature toys with him. In an interview with British gaming publication GamesTM, Director Sefton Hill has definitively stated that you will not be cruising for chicks in the Batmobile when you play Batman: Arkham City saying, “There aren’t any playable vehicles in the game.”

That’s really comforting to hear. While I expect that the explorable environment in Arkham City will be larger than in its predecessor, the last thing I want is for them to divert time and energy away from refining what made the first game so great. There was a clear focus on making it all about what Batman was capable of doing in a space and I would hate to think that the next game could suffer simply because they felt the need to throw in a flashy car.

No Vehicles in Batman: Arkham City [ via CVG]

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