There will be a PlayStation VR bundle with a PS Camera

No word on price

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According to TechInsider, Sony will release a bundle containing the PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation Camera, and a Move controller. A Sony rep confirmed the bundle for North American release, but did not mention a price window in the interview.

The quote came from an interview with Shuhei Yoshida, PlayStation’s president of Worldwide Studios. Yoshida also mentioned that Sony did not include a camera because “many people” already own one.

When Sony announced pricing ($399) and release information (October 2016) for the PlayStation VR earlier today at GDC, the company stated that the headset would require a PlayStation Camera. PlayStation Move controllers will be optional, but considering that PS VR’s competitors have been touting VR-specific controllers, investing in one or two of those seems like a smart idea.

Let’s play the speculation game! How much will this bundle cost? I’m putting it all on $449 — Sony has sold those cameras for practically nothing before, and I bet the company could easily take a bath on Move controllers.

Don’t panic: There’s a version of the PlayStation 4 VR headset that has everything you need [TechInsider]

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