There is no Santa Claus (at least not when it comes to free VC games) (update)

There is no Santa Claus, kids. Go cry and tell your mom she’s a liar. It was inevitable you would anyway, so we may as well get it out of the way early, yeah?

Kotaku posted the news this morning that the rumor about free VC games on Christmas Day was just that — a rumor. I’m not sure who actually thought Nintendo might be so generous, but it seems whoever was convinced on this one is about to be disappointed. I hate to say it, but you had to be gullible to believe this hype. After all, we’re paying $10 for VC games that take 3 seconds to download and emulate on your computer. If Ninty plans to rape us, there’s no reason to kiss us first, mistletoe or not. 

[UPDATE: Nintendo just announced this morning they will debut Super Mario Bros on Christmas Day at a special price of 500 Wii points as a gift of nostalgia to gamers, along with Street Fighter 2 , Super Castlevania IV, Toe Jam & Earl and R-Type, which are avaliable for 800 Wii points apiece. Come Jan 1st, look forward to Baseball and Urban Champion for NES at 500 Wii points apiece. Not as cool as free, but should make for some good time wasting while trying to escape being kissed by your grandmother.]

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