There is an Evony 2 coming

Evony Online, the browser-based MMO known throughout the web for its banner ads depicting women in revealing outfits with no real connection to the content of the game, has recently backed out of a libel suit brought against Australian journalist, Bruce Everiss. Evony’s “vice development director” has stated that criticism from players over the suit was a major factor in the decision.

The Guardian, in their reporting of the story, made mention of another detail that has me groaning: There will be an Evony 2. Its release is, “impending.”

Predictable, I guess. They’re apparently making enough money to pay for advertising, even if it’s just cheap banners, and those banners haven’t disappeared from anywhere. I guess I just hoped against all reason that the campaign wouldn’t actually get people to participate beyond discovering the bait and switch, that they would feel insulted or something and turn away, never looking back.

Once again, faith in humanity has been eroded.

Evony drops libel case against British blogger Bruce Everiss [The Guardian, thanks to Urahara for the tip]

Conrad Zimmerman