There is a god after all: Castle Crashers development is totally developed

According to this update from the game’s official development blog, Castle Crashers — the long-awaited, XBLA-exclusive, hand-drawn 2D beat ’em up from the great minds at The Behemoth — is finally complete. This, my friends, is very good news.

With the PS3 soon to be adorned with the magic that will be Metal Gear Solid 4, and the Wii already being graced with the mystery (and schwetty balls) that is Wii Fit, the 360 could desperately use some AAA exclusives to keep up with its Japanese cousins. It feels like perfect timing that this fantastic game has swooped in just when the 360 needs it. Really, who cares about Petal Rear Squalid Door when you’ve got Castle Crashers?

Sadly, the game wont be finished finished for up to a few months. There are still various hoops of red tape that The Behemoth must jump through before the game can be put out for sale. Until then, remember to keep up with the game’s official blog, which still has many characters and items to be revealed. Also, you can play the flash game spin-off, which is quite well made, considering it’s free. Or you can just go at it in River City Ransom. Any and all of the above should do well to put one in the mood for some crashing.

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