There are some real winners on the Summer Games Done Quick schedule

And some real neat constraints

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Even though watching streams of people playing video games is all the rage, I can never get into it. I have a backlog that never seems to get any smaller, so it feels a bit unproductive to watch other people whittle away at theirs instead of actively working on mine. Despite widespread love for it, the appeal’s lost on me.

However, there’s one exception to that rule: Awesome Games Done Quick. Seeing people absolutely master their respective games will never get any less marvelous. With the release of the Summer Games Done Quick 2015 schedule, we know the 169 titles that will smashed into oblivion.

The for-charity event takes place July 26 through August 2. The estimated time it’ll take to complete all the games is a bit shy of 146 hours. Of everything going on, I’ll be keen to watch a no sword run of The Legend of Zelda, a shovel-only playthrough of Shovel Knight, a sub-two hour run of EarthBound, and a crack at Fallout 3 that has a target time of 23 minutes (even though it’ll be depressingly glitch-based, probably.)

Take a look at the full schedule so that you know how to allocate your time come late July. There are going to be a lot of awesome games played, and they’re all going to be done quickly. In the mean time, prepare yourself with this astoundingly excellent Tetris: Grand Master 3 showing.

SGDQ 2015 Schedule [Google Sheets]

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