There are now 133 amiibo out worldwide, how many do you have?

You can say ‘all of them’

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We’ve reached a crossroads again. For nearly two years the amiibo hunt has been relatively smooth sailing, but that period of peace is over.

After the Animal Crossing overstock debacle that followed the dark times of Wave 4, Nintendo cooled their jets on just about everything amiibo related, with very little in the way of store exclusives and stock issues. But ever since the announcement that the final trio of Smash amiibo (thus closing out the set folks have been waiting years to complete) would get not one, but two figures each, all hell broke loose again.

Only 5/6 of them are even available to pre-order in the US (Amazon is still holding out on Corrin Player 2), three are exclusive, and most of them are completely sold out. Oh, did I mention that every Zelda amiibo in the Skyward/Majora/Twilight trio is exclusive too? Yeah, Nintendo is at it again.

But through all of that nonsense there are still passionate collectors out there. I loved reading about the journey Jonathan Holmes embarked upon last week among many other tales, and although many hardcore enthusiast friends of mine have dropped the habit, many remain. It’s true that I haven’t hunted (like, “store opening hunted”) since Wave 4, but I continue to collect, and actually use, these silly things. As of a GameStop shipment today, I have all of them.

Given that this massive Zelda/Smash wave either dropped or is about to drop respectively, I figured it was a good time to check in on your collection and see how many you’ve acquired to date. Just so I can steal Darren Nakamura’s thunder, I’ll make his joke of “none.”

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