There are all sorts of terrible ways to die in Gears 4 multiplayer

Playing with power tools

This Gears 4 multiplayer trailer doesn’t reveal much in the way of new information, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any less fun to watch giant steroid monsters hacked apart by chainsaws. Also, I appreciate the DJ Shadow/RTJ soundtrack.

The trailer shows off some of the new executions, weapons, and modes players can look forward to. I’m particularly partial to the ricocheting giant buzzsaw launcher. Reminds me of Nuclear Throne and how nothing bad ever happened when I used a disk gun. Looking forward to the anti-clutch self-decapitation fail clips already.

The trailer ends promising 60 FPS action and dedicated servers. This is kind of a standard promotional bullet-point, but I love the way Gears has to nudge and point out the dedicated servers. The spectre of host advantage shotgun insta-gibs still haunts this series a full decade since the first game.

Nic Rowen