There are a ton of major Destiny 2 changes on the way, including a Power Cap shift

Here’s the rundown

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Destiny 2 is about to shift into a completely different game.

Bungie is vaulting a ton of content, but there’s an expansion on the horizon too, which is bringing some significant changes to the game, like an extra skill tree and a new storyline. To help players both new and old acclimate, Bungie provided a rundown of some of the newer developments for the Beyond Light expansion; most notably the power alterations.

When people start trying to max out in Beyond Light, they’ll aim for the soft cap of 1200 power. From there, they’ll climb (hopefully not in a grindy way) to the hard cap of 1250. Then there’s the (please don’t be more grindy) pinnacle cap of 1260. That all comes to fruition on November 10: just in case you need to start planning on how to get raid-ready early.

Bungie is also making a welcome change to powerful rewards. In their own words: “We have a change coming that will allow you to have a chance to earn Powerful rewards from strikes, Gambit, Crucible, and from Seasonal drops all the way up until the Hard Cap. It will still be much quicker to continue to complete all the Powerful reward sources each week, but if you just want to play strikes or Crucible matches all day every day, you can continue to earn Powerful rewards.”

Uh, yeah that’s something that should have always been in the game! Having to grind out individual activities just to even get to the cap was a chore sometimes. In recent years, things have gotten even worse: so hopefully this will allow people to keep playing instead of getting bored with the grind. That said, there’s this tradeoff: “Starting next Season, gear received from Collections and turning in tokens will have a lower Power than in previous Seasons. Gear earned through token purchases will be 20 Power below your Power Level and Collection buybacks will be capped at 1050 Power. ” Again, I’m waiting to see how grindy all of that will be. 

Then there’s the economy shift. According to Bungie, “starting in Season 13, Phaseglass Needles, Alkane Dust, Simulation Seeds, and Seraphite will be no longer accepted by vendors.” You can head to Spider to exchange all that stuff for Glimmer, or just spend them all before Season 13. As a tradeoff (there always has to be one), Spider isn’t going to sell Legendary Shards anymore. Now he’ll sell Enhancement Prisms (which go for 400 Legendary Shards per prism and you can only buy three per week).

So that’s the big stuff. Bungie also shared a ViDoc (video documentary) on the development process for Beyond Light, as well as the expansion’s launch trailer. You can catch those below.

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